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Dwarf Tortoise Conservation is actively involved in raising awareness on the worsening conservation status of the dwarf tortoises, among locals, policy makers and law enforcers. Looking for more information about South African chelonians? Dwarf Tortoise Conservation formerly Homopus Research Foundation is a non-commercial foundation run by volunteers. The aim of the foundation is to gather and distribute information on Chersobius and Homopus species, to facilitate their survival in the wild. Dwarf Tortoise Conservation and the environment One threat to wild Chersobius and Homopus species is climate change. The increasing emission of CO 2 and other gasses fuel global warming, with potentially disastrous climatic changes most notably droughts in the southern African region as a result.

Publications This page provides references and links to publications on Chersobius and Homopus species. The first section refers to publications that were generated by, or with, Dwarf Tortoise Conservation reprints are available, whereas the second section provides a general incomplete bibliography on Chersobius and Homopus species. Distribution range of Chersobius boulengeri from Branch 1998. In captivity Dwarf Tortoise Conservation does not have experience with husbandry of this species, and there appear to be no published reports of husbandry elsewhere. In contrast to statements in some tortoise books, H. femoralis can be kept successfully in captivity. However, there have been very few serious attempts. The studbook on H. femoralis contains a reproducing founder population. A caresheet is available. Further husbandry information can be found in the annual reports of Dwarf Tortoise Conservation. Dwarf Tortoise Conservation formerly Homopus Research Foundation is a non-commercial foundation run by volunteers. The aim of the foundation is to gather and distribute information on Chersobiusand Homopusspecies, to facilitate their survival in the wild.

Further details on husbandry can be found in the annual reports of Dwarf Tortoise Conservation. Most, if not all, northern C. signatus that were imported into the EU legally, and their offspring, are registered in a studbook. This website provides an up to date overview of the studbook population. The research area is grazed by goats and sheep; the long-term effect on the tortoise population is not yet known Visiting a Geochelone pardalis among others researcher Peter Cunningham near Windhoek, Namibia Preparing for fieldwork on a cold, windy morning in spring: Peter van Putten Netherlands, Mats Blohm Germany, and Victor Loehr. It is impossible to give an exact amount, but as an indication, the total costs excluding flights should be below € 25-30 per person per day. Dwarf Tortoise Conservation will cover all the costs for research materials and equipment and may waive some of the other costs if project funding permits. Captive husbandry and breeding of Chersobius signatus Aim Gathering data on behaviour, growth, metabolism, reproduction, and eggshell morphology of C. signatus, some of which may provide useful information on the ecology of the species under natural conditions.

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