Royal Ward Chapter 57 A Harry Potter Fanfic
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Based on "Hatal Fart Attack" by Corwalch, "Royal Ward" follows the changes in Harry's life after he gains the personal attention of the Queen. My thanks to Corwalch for permission to write a sequel. Reading "Hatal Fart Attack" first is recommended, but not absolutely required. Please note that this story begins in 1989, shortly before Harry. Harry Potter and the Royal Guard Harry Potter hated, no despised, his job some times. Here he sat, dressed to the nines in Britain’s finest military attire, only to keep watch over an over-the-top wedding, for the Queens grandson no less.

11/04/2014 · Harry and Sirius are both titled Lords Dukes in the Muggle world as well as the magical. The Queen actually shows up at one point, and will again in the future. They are both also related to Phillip who is really Marius Black, the squib born to Cygnus and Violetta Black - and Dorea Potter nee Black's older brother. Stories where Harry becomes a member of a Royal family. Also stories where the British Royal Family is involved. Diana chuckled. “It seems Harry hit all the highlights of the day,” she remarked. “The Harry they’re talking about is that young man from Surrey who got between them and a bully back in May. Since Mother Windsor made him a Royal Ward as her way of thanking him for that, I decided it would be nice to give him a bit of a birthday celebration.

“Harry, Draco, why don’t you go out flying now? I’m sure you have loads to talk about, and would rather not have to listen to us right now.” Lucius nodded his permission and Draco stood up immediately. “Come on, Harry,” he said, tugging at his dark-haired friend. Harry stood and allowed the blond boy to lead him out of the dining room. Title Author Categories Site; 1. Independence Day: tumshie: Harry Potter:: More Info: 2. Harry Potter and the Heir of Pendragon: Sk8ernv: Harry Potter. “Please call me Harry, Mr. Potter makes me feel as I am in school,” replied Harry as he took a seat gestured by Ragnock. His Royal Highness Prince Hadrian of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Realm of the Commonwealth,. Hope you guys enjoyed the opening chapter of ‘Not A Potter. Harry nodded as he fixed his uniform, “Yes, Minister, I was told that it was a private matter.” Tony nodded as he moved out of the Prince's way, “Then don't let me stop you any longer, Your Royal Highness.” Harry smiled as he broke back into a run towards his grandmother private chambers.

This is an unofficial fan site and is not connected or endorsed by J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros. Harry Potter and its characters are property of JK Rowling in association with Warner Brothers. All submitted "FanFic" stories remain the property of their authors and must not. At the age of six, Harry Potter was adopted by the British Royal Family, he has been trained to be the Crowns Ambassador in the Magical World, but for seven years he stayed out of it until now, Harry Potter is coming back and he is taking no prisoners.

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